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Mercedes-Benz Atego

Legendary reliability, low running costs and exceptional drivers comfort. Just some of the qualities that make the Atego a stand out from the competition in light duty short radius distribution.

Fitted with fuel efficient and ever reliable BlueTec® engines, the Atego is specifically designed for economical operation. A Euro 5 rating option is optionally available.

The Atego's new engine start/stop system helps to cut fuel consumption even further. This makes the Atego more cost effective, but also more environmentally friendly.

The Atego is available in the following models:
  • Rigid
  • All-wheel drive

Built to Lead

The Atego's sophisticated interior leaves nothing to be desired. You will get a choice of four cab options, three cockpits and an array of equipment options. The Atego's maneuverability is unrivaled and the compact dimensions and excellent handling make it the ideal truck for all your light duty short radius tasks. Narrow alleys, winding streets and enclosed courtyards are no challenge for the Atego. When every centimeter counts, you can count on your Atego.


In a class of its own

Reliability is vital in any operation within the diverse distribution sector and by choosing Atego, you know you've chosen a truck you can trust. Optimal lifestyle costs including low fuel consumption and Mercedes-Benz famous servicing and repairs all ensure a long working product life and a good resale value.


First-class results. On the road and on the balance sheet

  • Low fuel consumption due to the impressive Telligent® engine management system
  • Cost-effective compliance with Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards thanks to BlueTec® SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz
  • Long service intervals and robust engineering
  • Engine start/stop system: in stop-and-go traffic, the engine start/stop system switches the Atego off when it is idling for longer periods of time. At a red light, for example, it switches the engine off and automatically restarts it when it needs to move again
  • high payload capacity thanks to weight-optimised frame and weight-optimised hypoid rear axle
  • practical bodybuilder interface: the time the vehicle has to spend off the road is reduced as the bodybuilder has easy access to the truck's electrical systems and no tiresome cable routing is required
  • a high resale value can be achieved


The highest demands call for the highest quality, and that calls for Atego.
With emission limit values falling well below acceptable environmental standards, the Atego sets the benchmark for CO2 and NOx emissions.

The Atego was built with workplace comfort in mind. The Atego features comfortable seats, ergonomic layout of control, clear display with on board check system, large stowage compartments and fantastic heating systems among other comfort features. It's your time spent, why not spend it in style.

In true Mercedes-Benz style, the Atego's quality also extends to what's under the bonnet. The powerful engine, easy gear shifting and handling characteristics all contribute to the Atego's low lifestyle costs.

Atego cabs

It's the choice that's difficult, not the job

The choice of four cabs makes the Atego suitable for a wide range of applications. It's like it was made for you.

The two L-shaped cabs feature space for comfortable beds, perfect for when extended resting periods are needed. For city distribution, the two S-shaped cabs have compact external dimensions yet still feature a spacious interior. 

With enough room for two beds, the L-cabs raised roof offers exceptional comfort. The raised roof of the L-cabs offers outstanding comfort and room for two beds. The S-cab variant extended at the back offers additional stowage and an even greater sense of space.

A host of equipment variants and configurations are available so you can personalise your cab to your needs.

The Powertrain

A single driving force

Boasting reliable, high-torque 6-cylinder engines as well as gearshift systems, transmissions and axles aligned with each application, the Atego delivers exceptional cost-effective operation. With the 175 kW (238 hp) engine variant a high-performance, weight-optimized and perfectly configured 6-speed transmission system (optionally available with the Telligent® automatic gearshift) enable engine power to be transferred to the road without incurring loss due to friction. With the 210 kW (286 hp) engine variant, this task is handled by a mechanical-hydraulic 9-speed direct-drive transmission. The low-noise, low-maintenance drive axles have a positive affect on fuel consumption. With a large number of different ratios, they deliver optimum drive configurations to handle virtually all applications.
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